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Celebrating Tito Puente

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Celebrating Tito Puente

NEW YORK ( — Ernest Anthony Puente Jr. (April 20, 1923 – June 1, 2000),[1] commonly known as Tito Puente, was an American musician, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer, widely known for dance-oriented mambo and Latin jazz compositions from his 50-year career. His most famous song is “Oye Como Va“.[2] Puente and his music have appeared in films including The Mambo Kings and Fernando Trueba‘s Calle 54. He guest-starred on television shows, including Sesame Street and The Simpsons two-part episode “Who Shot Mr. Burns?“. In honor of US Hispanic Heritage Month, today’s animated video Doodle celebrates the life and legacy of American “Nuyorican” musician and internationally-renowned entertainer, Tito Puente. The Doodle is illustrated by New York-based Puerto Rican artist Carlos Aponte. Learn more: ——- To follow Google Doodles on YouTube, subscribe to: @GoogleDoodles Follow Google Doodles on Twitter at: