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EVERDOME Original Metaverse Soundtrack | The Cycler – Wojtek Urbański

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EVERDOME Original Metaverse Soundtrack | The Cycler – Wojtek Urbański

The second music release from the OST for Everdome’s Mars based VR metaverse project. A soundtrack created to portray a hyper-realistic & futuristic virtual world placed on a science-fiction (sci-fi) Mars, this release is part of a multi-genre, original album composed specifically for a web3 environment.

This music will accompany Everdome’s pioneers (Evernauts) through the second stage of their interplanetary metaverse experience, as they enter, explore and live inside our vast interplanetary vessel, the Everdome Cycler, parked in Earth’s lower orbit before its departure on a 120 day journey to Mars.

OST composed by Wojtek Urbański, a producer & composer of many award winning movie & TV soundtracks, The Cycler augments a virtual journey through our part of the cosmos to a near-future Mars city.

Learn more about Everdome’s Metaverse at:


Composed & Produced by Wojtek Urbański
Strings: Stanisław Słowiński
Additional Keys: Łukasz Palkiewicz
Stork-bone flute: Sebastian Wielądek
Sound programming support: Ignacy Matuszewski
Mixing & Mastering engineer: Rafał Smoleń
Label, management: Dyspensa Records 2022 / Piotr Lenartowicz

Concept & Creative Production: Lukasz Alwast

Everdome Creative Director: Mateusz Tokarz
Concept art: Lino Thomas and Wojciech Fikus

Executive production: Mateusz Tokarz, Lukasz Alwast, Pawel Hersztowski

Everdome Executive Team: Robert Gryn, Wojciech Wator, Artur Kaczmarczyk, Jeremy Lopez, Bally Singh

Communications & press: David Cairns, Yosa Dagestani
Marketing & media: Jan Bożek, Mateusz Strzałka, Serafin Saj

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