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Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door – DRIVE & SOUND!

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Today I can present to YOU the full Drive & Sound with the all-new 2019/2020 Mercedes-AMG 4-door (4 Türer) GT 53! This particular car has that nice 3.0 R6 Turbo which delivers 435hp & 520Nm of torque. Happily this GT53 also features the optional AMG-Performance exhaust (the only 53 which can be ordered with it) and the epic looking V8 Styling Pack! You know that I am a big fan of the 43s and 53s and this one is spot on what I expected and a worthy option to the 63s, imagine that 43 is sounding exactly like this costing 70k less than a 63s!!! Please stay tuned for lots more content on Instagram! #AMGGT #GT4DOOR #GT53
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