WIZARD FAMILY ULTIMATE COMPARISON | Clash Of Clans | Wizard, Super Wizard, Ice Wizard & Party Wizard

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Wizard Family Comparison, Clash of Clans.

In this video : We are gonna compare All 4 types of Wizards. It means Wizard Vs Super Wizard Vs Ice Wizard Vs Party Wizard. All Wizards have are totally different than each others. They all have their unique function and ability.

Super Wizard : Super Wizard : Super Wizard is a super version of normal Wizard. It takes more housing space than the regular Wizard but we get a special ability with Super Wizard which is named as CHAIN MAGIC. It’s Chain Magic Ability can bounce up to 10 targets which is powerful against a horde of troops.

Wizard : Wizard is one of our favorite troop. The Wizard is a ranged unit, meaning that he can shoot over Walls. He shoots a fireball which deals a very high damage with area splash type damage.

Party Wizard : Party Wizard is a seasonal troop which appears only on anniversary of Clash of Clans. They differ from regular Wizards in that they have increased damage output, faster movement speed, and also attack and retarget faster, but they have less hitpoints. Like other seasonal troops, Party Wizards cannot be donated to Clan Castle.

Ice Wizard : Ice Wizard is also a seasonal troop which appears on Christmas. Ice Wizard is different than other Wizards, it prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield. As we know this is also a seasonal troop available for a limited time, cannot be donated to Clan Castle.

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Los pibes mandan says:

the super wizard is super xD

Eric Yuxuan Hao says:

Don’t eat me! 😂

Milca slash says:

Nobody takes P.E.K.K.A's hosting job😡

Sarika Pawar says:

Only super wizard

Ritu Tiwari says:

Super wizard

Pramod Mahto says:

Afcource super wizards

Purple Stalker says:

Party wizard is best

Sandhya Kumari says:

Party wizards

nerf kenzy says:

But golem is so coool and smart

Canon Buster says:

each has its own good part and bad part
party w:has fast dps and is fast but ok damage and low health
ice w: has slow dps and isslow but is tanky and can slow troops
super w: has high damage and can chain attacks but ok speed and slow dps
wizard: high damage and is area type but has low health and speed

Mega revolution gamer says:

Super wizard op

Isaac RC says:

Ice wizard in coc?

Ethan Yang says:

I think party wizard and super wizard are tied.

Abhishek Ahirvar says:

Wizards should be slower so that they stay out of defence

Abhishek Ahirvar says:

Ice wizards are best

Aryan Verma says:

Super wisards

Hyrie Husaj says:

Ice wizard can only single target while wizard and party wizard hit area splash!!!

Wasim and Manha says:

I think suuper wizard is the best vizard

A.G Gaming says:

Super wizar is best

RS_gamming says:

U forgot electro wizard

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